Glow Worms, “Home”, and Reflections

Our last day of adventuring began with sleeping in a little bit and relaxing in our AirBnB. The view from our front balcony/living area was pretty spectacular because of the sunrise over the ocean. Although I think I might have been the only person awake (except probably Todd) to see it. We hadn't unpacked much... Continue Reading →


42 Hours of Birthday, Geysers and Wine

Today, April 25th, began the first of Adela's two birthday day's. I say that because technically it's not April 25th yet back in the states, so we decided she gets 42 hours of birthday. It started with a little bit of a birthday surprise from Todd and Katy - they had woken up early and... Continue Reading →

Easter in Coromandel

Our Easter morning started with waking up, trying to stay asleep for a little bit, and then begrudgingly getting out of bed at the way-too-early hour of 7:45. We managed to keep our eyes open until 10:30 the night before so we got a pretty good head start on our jet lag prevention. Next I... Continue Reading →

Mountain Passes and Mountain Cottages

We woke up the next day and I quickly packed my things and then grabbed a delicious breakfast pizza. I might've been allergic to whatever was in the pillows but I still managed to get a full night's sleep. Also, this hotel obviously caters to us Americans because I got AMERICAN COFFEE. It was glorious.... Continue Reading →

Caves, Castles, Wine and Ljubljana

Our fifth day began with some more pastries at the little café near the resort and then our guide for the next several days, Domen, picked us up at around 8:45 am. For the next three days Domen will be our guide, driver and trip-organizer! Our first scheduled stop was a tour of the Škocjanske... Continue Reading →

Pebble Beaches, Salt and Wine!

Day three began with getting some cappuccino and a pastry at the bakery next to the hotel. I had to wait a little bit because the order for everyone around me was taken before me... This added a little bit of saltiness to being asked if I belonged in the resort the night before (I'm... Continue Reading →

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